I was born in the land of love
where we called the Pearl of the East
with great mountains and beautiful rivers
with people who are simple but dedicated.

But the dream of peace keeps slipping away
as the Northerners invaded our land.
Many losses. Many families suffered,
asphyxiated by the emptied promise of liberty.

Democracy, human rights are detained in dark cells
as the enemy continues to attack
our ancestry, our way of life
and destroy our 4000-year culture.

More than four decades I am still longing
for justice released from the deep dungeon
to break the chains of slavery
and remove the foreign sacks.

When will my homeland attain democracy
for the flame of liberty burns brightly?
When will my people achieve happiness
and sing the notes of justice and compassion?

My tears flow with my awaken soul
When will, when will the time come?

Thanh Sơn

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